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Create a stylish bathroom with trustworthy, quality bathroom brands

A bathroom is one of the most important investments when you move into a new house, or if you are updating your current home. With so many options and brands online, it could be confusing and complicated when you start. However, Signature Bathrooms only supplies lasting high-quality branded bathrooms that will give you peace of mind. In this blog, we will give you some inspirations to create a stylish bathroom.

Metallic Taps & Mixers

stylish taps

The AXOR brand symbolises the diversity and charm of individual lifestyles in the bathroom. Therefore, most of the Taps and Mixers above are able to be customised into 15 beautiful special surface finishes.

From A to F, ‘ Stark V 140 Basin Mixer with Glass spout’ by AXOR. ‘ Uno 80 Select Basin Mixer Tap’ by AXOR. ‘Citterio E 3-Hole Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap’ by AXOR. ‘Stark 60 Basin Mixer Tap. Classic Joystick’ by AXOR, ‘Citterio E Single lever basin mixer125’ by AXOR and ‘Citterio E Floorstanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap’ by AXOR.

Innovative Shower Toilets

Shower toilets

Exceptionally excellent, stylish and functional shower toilets provide thorough comfort, hygiene and wellbeing since a smooth, refreshing, body-temperature water cleanses and softness intimate areas.

From A to C, first ‘Aquaclean Mera Comfort Shower Toilet’ by Geberit, secondly, ‘Monolith Plus’ by Geberit and ‘ViClean L Electronic Bidet Seat’ by Villeroy & Boch.

Stunning Bathtubs

stylish bathtubs

A KALDEWEI bathtub harmonises stylish design with premium-quality material to transform any type of bathroom.  No matter you are looking the bathtub for one or two people, in square or oval from, you will find a perfect one.

From A to F, firstly ‘Centro Duo 1 Steel Bath’ by KALDEWEI, ‘Incava Freestanding Steel Bath‘ by KALDEWEI. ‘Centro Duo Oval Freestanding Bath’ by KALDEWEI. ‘Puro Single Ended Steel Bath’ by KALDEWEI. Lastly ‘Plaza Duo Freestanding Bath’ by KALDEWEI and ‘Cayono bath’ by KALDEWEI.

Add the finishing touch with Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories

Tasteful bathroom accessories can enhance and add the additional layer of style to your bathroom, too.

From A to F, ‘Plan Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf’ by Keuco. ‘Plan Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf’ by Keuco. ‘Logis Universal Liquid Soap Dispenser’ by AXOR. ‘Edition 11 Sponge Basket’ by Keuco. ‘Logis Universal Liquid Soap Dispenser’ by Hansgrohe and ‘Universal Accessories’ by AXOR.


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