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Geberit is a Swiss multination group who are market leaders in Europe with a strong global presence in supplying bathroom goods from concealed cisterns to full bathroom suites.

Geberit Company History

Geberit has a long and prestigious history dating back to 1874 where the original company founder and namesake Caspar Melchior Gebert developed a plumbing business in Switzerland.  Very much a family business Caspar’s son Albert after an expansion of the company famously created the “Phoenix” cistern. This revolutionary cistern was the first lead-lined wooden cistern with lead fittings. This cistern was a jump in technology as up until this point the design of the cistern had not changed much. This cistern was the jumping point of how the business grew to the multinational juggernaut it is now.

As the company continued to expand and developed, it pushed into newer products and in 1918 developed an array of traps and shut-off valves for the chemicals industry. As production and the product offering of Geberit continued to increase, 1929 brought the opening of the company’s first foreign office with a retail depot opening in Paris.

In 1935 the development of plastics was being pioneered. Geberit embraced the revolutionary material and moved away from it once revolutionary design and developed plastic WC cisterns. It took a while for this groundbreaking development to translate into a product launch. This can be partly attributed to the Second World War which had affected the Swiss and Paris based company. The first fully plastic cistern was produced by the company in 1952. This development propelled the company forward in the post-war market.

As the company grew in 1953 the third generation of the Gebert family was running the company. They decided to re-brand the company Geberit from the traditional family name Gebert and push the company forward in their desire to open up new international markets. Within the next few years, the newly named Geberit opened up new headquarters in France and Germany.

1694 saw the development of one of the products that Geberit is still famous for now, the Concealed Toilet Cistern. Whilst it has taken a long time for the British to adopt the back to the wall and the wall hung toilet in Europe in the mid-60s this market was developing. Ironically now, this configuration now is the most sort after design in the UK for a contemporary bathroom as it is the epitome of minimalism and clean design.

Over the next few years saw more expansion to countries like the Netherlands, Brussels & the US. By the middle of the 70s, Geberit started to experiment with shower toilets, which if you skip today directly contributed the to the Aquaclean range we have now.

The Gebert family were a very active part of running the business and they had overseen the exponential growth of the company over the years. By 1991 the family retired from operation management and the company went through a re-structure. This ultimately leads to the company exceeding the one billion Swiss Francs mark and in 1999 going public on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

One of the main product offerings from Geberit has been the Shower Toilet, which in truth is still not a common item in the UK market. In 2011 the Geberit Aquaclean Shower Toilet was launched for the first time in the UK. Geberit was one of the first companies to introduce the shower toilet to the UK market. Demand for shower toilets is growing every year, which has seen the introduction of other shower toilets into the market which was originally pioneered by Geberit.

Geberit Product Offering

Toilet Cisterns

Going all the way back to the start of Geberit’s history, the company was built on WC cisterns. To this day WC cisterns are a massive part of Geberit’s business and are one of the things they are very well known for. The Geberit Duofix frames are an everyday sale for us, no matter what bathroom suite you are installing there will be a Geberit Frame and flush plate that will work and accentuate your bathroom. The frames are divided into different types of cistern, Sigma, Kappa & Omega. Each type of cistern has multiple flush plates in a variety of style and colours for each.

Geberit Monolith

The minimalist concealed cistern look is a must for most bathrooms. However, not all bathrooms were created equal. Depending on the age of the house, the design and so forth it is not always possible to install a concealed cistern. The Geberit Monolith is a very stylish compromise for that situation. It allows you to use the back to the wall toilet or the wall hung toiler you wanted without installing the cistern and the frame into the wall. The monolith is a frame and cistern that sits externally of the wall. This might sound a bit strange and cumbersome but when you see it in the flesh the monolith itself looks great; it is very reminiscent of 2001: a space odyssey.

Geberit Aquaclean

The Geberit Aquaclean is the shower toilet range from Geberit. It might sound odd at first but we truly recommend you try one and we are certain you will instantly see the benefits of using a shower toilet over the more traditional toilet.

Why not pop along to the showroom and take a look at the latest Geberit items and start building the bathroom of your dreams.

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