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AXOR and Hansgrohe are huge names in high-quality bathroom brassware. They offer quite simply beautiful and absolutely reliable bathroom brassware solutions for the modern age. Their hearty, honest and dependable products are German designed and produced, in collaboration with some of the world’s best-known designers and first-rate product engineering, testing and development centres – true form and function. Hence their quality mantra: ‘Made by Hansgrohe, Designed for Life’. Founded in 1901 they have a respected manufacturing pedigree and unswerving lineage in leading brassware production. Hansgrohe’s own product safety guidelines and testing exceed industry standards, for optimal product lifespan and reliability.

Water pleasure – Hansgrohe and AXOR work with the natural pleasure of water, one of the most instinctive senses, cleaning and bathing is an innate human pleasure, refreshing us invigorating our senses or soothing our cares away. Hansgrohe have developed a range of various spray types, achieved by continual engineering of shower heads, clever nozzles and body jets to achieve different water textures and experiences. Diverse spray types have been developed for numerous showering and bathing requirements, to suit different people and varying situations. For example, showerheads by Hansgrohe can integrate up to 3 different spray types, including the latest development by Hansgrohe: PowderRain which is a soft, voluminous rain forest inspired spray. Full and soft, quiet, yet full enough to easily rinse out shampoos. Hansgrohe’s spray types vary from full, heavy, weighty-feel waterfall spouts for a full-on dousing, through to targeted sports therapy muscle massaging sprays on the famous Clubmaster shower heads featured in leading spas and sports centres. Spray types vary from these through to softer, air infused water micro-droplets that deliver a soothing sensation, nourishing the soul and invigorating the body, there is nothing better than a quality shower from Hansgrohe to leave you feeling both fresh and revitalised.

As well as quality design and well-developed product variety, Hansgrohe also believes in environmental stability, recognising water as a precious resource. They use renewable energies with their departments using recycling systems, and heat recovery system in production saving energy and reducing their CO2 emissions. This commitment to environmental are and climate change awareness is also visible in their product offering which includes various eco and water saving options.

AXOR, Hansgrohe’s cutting edge brand, has the mantra “form follows perfection”. With a more experimental, architectural feel AXOR offers the same absolute reliability and quality but with a real visual personality twist. Bold shapes, experimental edges and market-leading, award-winning design epitomise AXOR. As a globally recognised design name, several designers and design houses have worked on projects such as design giant Philippe Starck (AXOR Starck) and prominent Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola (AXOR Urquiola). The feel of these fabulous creations is distinctly European and cutting edge, but with global appeal and elegance. A bespoke choice is a key to their offering, with both AXOR and Hansgrohe presenting 17 different colour finishes for you to choose from, including the very fashionable: black, rose-gold and brass. These finishes are made to order, just get in touch with us for pricing and lead times. These FinishPlus surfaces are very tough, they are ten times more durable than electroplated surfaces ensuring a long, gleaming life on your special finish.

All sorts of really practical features are built into Hansgrohe and AXOR products, including easy clean which is a really great feature on Hansgrohe shower head nozzles. The innovative, soft rubber nozzles on Hansgrohe and AXOR shower heads are easily rubbed over gently by hand after use (the warm water softens the rubber nozzle material making it even more pliable) or with a soft cloth. This movement stops the build-up of limescale and other dirt by dislodging it before it has had a chance to settle and fortify itself. The gleaming chrome polished finish is easy to conserve with warm soapy water and a cloth. Another really thoughtful feature is Hansgrohe ComfortZone, ComfortZone technology means the product has been developed with maximum usage in mind moving spouts or handles higher and increasing the usable space around the functions of the product making it simple to use, as well as effective and intuitive to operate. XXL performance is another fantastic Hansgrohe and AXOR feature, meaning extra large, luxurious shower heads that offer exceptional performance and deliver a fantastic, superior shower.
AXOR and Hansgrohe hold several courses and training events throughout the year for the UK Bathroom industry from their UK state of the art head offices in Esher. Our staff are always part of these up to date training programs, guaranteeing we have the most current product knowledge and are proud Hansgrohe experts. Our showroom staff are fully trained in the latest product technologies and combinations allowing us to design the perfect Hansgrohe shower for you in your new bathroom space, be it redesigning an existing room, or building from scratch, we know exactly what to recommend for you to help you achieve the shower of your dreams. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and let us answer any questions you might have about Hansgrohe and AXOR.

Your Local Hansgrohe Showroom

Our showroom displays offer a mass of visual inspiration for you to come and browse, we even have sample taps on display stands so you can pick up the tap and feel the weighty quality of Hansgrohe’s solid brass bodied engineered brassware. See how these stunning, well-formed brassware designs sit adorning our basins in our showroom, pick up a brochure, and discuss your ideas with our design team who will be more than happy to help.

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