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Zehnder is a subsidiary company of the prestigious Zehnder Group of Switzerland. The group has a global reach and is a leader in the European market for the construction of special design components.

Humble beginnings

The company was founded by Jakob Zehnder way back in 1895, when it worked on bicycles, sewing machines, typewriters and washing machines in Gränichen, Switzerland. It was in 1930 when the company entered the radiator industry when Robert Zehnder invented the tubular radiator. This innovation built on previous designs by offering a lighter, more efficient and cost-effective product that also ticked the aesthetics box.

The year 1980 saw a merger with radiator manufacturer Beutler in Lahr, which helped consolidate the companies’ market position, and the very first towel radiator – the Zehnder Universal – was launched into the market. This marked the first iteration of a dual-use radiator. Through the next two decades, Zehnder established its current position as the continent’s leading developer of radiator products that meet high-end aesthetic and functional demands. The company vision revolves around continuing refinement of what exists, as well as long-term profitable growth. They utilise all the assets at their disposal to produce the highest possible standards, and they never get it wrong.

The crème de la crème

The company’s continuing focus on innovation and artistry has led to a number of ground-breaking advances in heating technology, and Zehnder products are highly sought after by the most discerning of interior design enthusiasts. Their radiators are designed by renowned international design icons and stand for modern and self-aware living spaces. You get a perfect blend of current lifestyles, minimalistic purity, classic finishes or dynamic contemporary trends.

There is a perfect radiator for every room of the house, be it the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. Zehnder radiators give you an abundance of choice, with more than 700 colours and surfaces to explore. And special shapes can be made bespoke, just for you. The company thrives on design and has pioneered the radiator sector with influential new products throughout its history. Zehnder says “Life is style!”, and their radiators represent a lifestyle that breathes the life of worlds into every living space.

Elegance in the bathroom

If you’re after something more primed for drying towels or clothing, the Osbourne is a luxury, chrome-finished radiator that is suitable for installation on the domestic hot water supply as well as electric-only setups. It has a sleek, modern look that will look superb as a deluxe bathroom fitting. Another popular choice is the Ribbon, which impresses with a creative modern appearance inspired by the oblique rungs of architectural structures. The Ribbon invites comfort and class into any bathroom and will be a definite head turner for guests.

Zehnder Decorative radiators

An individual decorative radiator can adorn any living area or bathroom. With their intricate and sophisticated design features, they make a home warmer both in terms of temperature and its welcoming ambience. The Zehnder decorative radiator products are created by renowned designers, and never cease to impress with their aesthetic appeal and supreme functionality.
For example, the Alura Tech electric radiator is highly responsive and yields an impressive thermal output despite its diminutive stature. It features an elegant control panel which is intuitive, the sleek, modern design comes in a white finish. It can be programmed for daily and weekly output for your convenience. Alternatively, the Charleston has an elegant, classic design that can blend with many types of setting as it comes with a wide range of models, fittings and connections. It can even come in a curved shape and is hugely energy efficient and easy to use.

Supporting sophisticated interior design

Zehnder has only been able to cement its place as a trailblazing leader in cutting-edge radiator technology and design through the use of the latest, state-of-the-art design tools and technologies. Business Information Modelling (BIM) has become one of the most important components of the UK construction industry, and Zehnder has been on top of this for some time now. In fact, on their website, you can download BIM components to give you real high-quality information about their products and how you could incorporate them into your interior design.

And, in line with new legislation for electric heaters, all electronic products from Zehnder now comply with minimum heating efficiency guidelines to rule out inefficient technologies that waste energy. So with every electric radiator from Zehnder, you are guaranteed a good energy efficiency rating that helps minimise your carbon footprint and keep your energy bills from soaring higher than they need to be.

In the European market for high-end domestic and commercial heating solutions, you need to look no further than Zehnder. With a history of more than 100 years and some of the most crucial contributions to the progression of technologies within the sector, no-one has a more clear and substantial pedigree than the Swiss company. The company outlines its philosophies and strategic goals in a very transparent way, and it has proven time and time again that it will practice what it preaches at every turn.

Signature Bathrooms

At Signature bathrooms, we supply a comprehensive range of high-end, premium bathroom products in Cumbria. Our purpose is to provide luxury components to the most sophisticated designs for bathrooms, and we strongly endorse the work of Zehnder. A deluxe aesthetic and superb functionality go hand-in-hand for the ideal bathroom, and Zehnder products find the perfect equilibrium between these two factors. If you would like to make an enquiry about our range of Zehnder products, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and how best to meet them.

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