PowderRain: a showering sensation inspired by nature

PowderRain is an innovative way to enjoy the beauty of water. Have you ever experienced a showering sensation that feels like the warm and misty droplets from the rainforest? Enthused by nature element, hansgrohe has created a new shower spray pattern, PowderRain.


Inspired by Nature

PowderRain is a highly advanced shower spray pattern. As the droplets are significantly finer than ordinary shower jets, this innovative spray pattern creates a relaxing showering sensation that will truly impress you.


Because of the natural power, when numerous of tiny substances group together, it will produce an intense effect. PowderRain features six refined openings that convert its spray into thousands of extremely delicate micro drops that will fall on your skin gently without bouncing off. For that reason, the countless micro droplet will also intensify the skin moistening effect.

With PowderRain, the water will not splash everywhere again, it should only drop and moisten your body. Due to the microscopic beads of bubbly water, the entire shower experience will be quieter.


Saving water

As PowderRain spray pattern delivers water through multi-nozzles, you are able to feel more water drops when using less water. Therefore, the spray pattern is way more efficient than standard shower spray.

Available with Raindance Select S shower range

You will be able to enjoy this innovative spray mode with the Raindance Select S shower range. Choose from either hand shower or overhead shower. The Raindance Select S is a functional and reliable fine range which allows you to select and swap spray type simply just through one click. With the click of a button, you can feel the soft and smooth sensation instantly.